Our supply chain is shaped and driven by the following principles and objectives:

• Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
• Our supply chain is market-driven and tailored to customer.
• Our supply chain is a competitive advantage in the market.
• We bring world-class competencies and talents.
• We have a dynamic improvement process.
• Sustainability is at the core of our vision.

Procurement vision
In all our procurement activities, we strive to:

• Support the business and company needs.
• Deliver expectations of customer satisfaction.
• Deliver the most competitive and flexible supply base in the industry throughout the product life cycle.
• Develop world-class procurement with our best talent and drive values of accountability, collaboration, and simplification.
• Contribute as a role model to a responsible & sustainable environment,

Strategic objectives
To enhance supplier total value proposition through collaboration, as part of world-class supply chain:

• Quality, service level, to meet or exceed customers’ expectations
• Competitive landed costs, driving high level of productivity
• Optimized cash
• Agile and secure Supply Chain
• Sustainability through permanent improvement.

To be a recognized business partner:

• With a simplified and digitized Procure-to Pay system and process

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